What should one consider when purchasing frames for glasses

What to consider when buying eyeglasses?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Trendy Yellow Lens Sunglasses”. In this article, let’s talk about “What to consider when buying eyeglasses?”.

The Material Selection

You should think about that if the popular trend complies with your need for lens optics, the material, and its price, the famous brand. Check that if the producers have a professional cognition. The current frame is made of titanium, tungsten plate, carbon, metal, plastic, tortoiseshell, plastic, etc. Titanium is one of the best and most stable materials. The frames of other materials are easy to be corroded, discolored, worn, and deformed.  No matter what kind of material you choose, it must be stable, safe, reliable, skin-friendly, light, strong, and non-deformable.

Frame Size And Shape

The size of the frame should match the pupil distance so that the edge thickness of the lens is thinner and more comfortable to wear.  The size should be proportional to the size of the face. The upper edge should not be higher than the eyebrow and the eyebrow should not be visible in the lenses. The shape of the frame should match the shape of the face and skin tone to meet aesthetic requirements.  The rectangular face should choose a circular arc or arc transition frame. An inverted triangle face shape should choose one with a lower wide edge.

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Frame Color

Usually, people with lighter skin tones choose lighter color frames, while those with darker skin tones choose dark color frames. For example, people with lighter skin tones can choose soft pink frames, tortoiseshell frames, or gold and silver frames, while those with darker skin tones can choose red, black, or tortoiseshell frames.

Points To Note When Choosing Frames

Choose a frame with lightweight, good elasticity, and stable structure.  The lens frame with poor quality tends to deform in use, which affects the optical properties of the glasses.  Pay attention to whether the two sides of the frame are symmetrical and whether it is fixed and safe enough. Pay attention to whether there are scratches on the surface of the frame. Just put on the glasses to feel if it is very tight or very loose, and they must be tight to reach the saturation condition. Pay attention to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the coating. The better coating frame has a uniform color, smooth surface, and clear identification.  After using the frame with poor coating quality, the frame will soon rust and fall off, affecting the life of the frame, and even causing skin discomfort or allergy.

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