What shirt color goes with sunglasses

What shirt color goes with sunglasses?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Do wearing sunglasses for long periods harm your eyes?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What shirt color goes with sunglasses?”.

It's the time when the sun is the strongest again, and the trend of buying sunglasses is coming again. Sunglasses have become the first choice for people to protect their eyes and show their charm. Even if it is a casual dress, paired with fashionable sunglasses, you are immediately charming. So, how do you match the colors of sunglasses and shirts?

Round Frame Sunglasses And Pink Shirt

First of all, sunglasses should be selected according to the shape of the face. The round frame sunglasses are more suitable for square faces, while round faces should be avoided. Most round-frame sunglasses are matched with a more lady-like and cute style. So, for girls, round-frame sunglasses with some bright-colored T-shirts are very suitable. For example, the pink T-shirt and overalls are layered in a variety of ways, which is even cuter. Even if it is a simple match, a white shirt, and jeans, you can also add round-frame sunglasses. For A casual style, sunglasses can add fashion elements.

Oval Sunglasses And Black Shirt

Large oval sunglasses can give people a sense of calmness and freedom. This can be used as a reference for office girls, a neat black shirt with a black and white print dress, or you can choose print trousers with a white short suit, with a large oval sunglasses to make you in the workplace calm and charming, free and easy and beautiful. This neat and free dress is suitable for girls in the workplace.(https://www.koalaeye.com/blogs/our-stories)

Aviator Sunglasses And White Shirt

On a seaside holiday or on an outing to participate in a music festival, you can choose a comfortable, loose-fitting printed dress and flat-bottomed Roman sandals. For example, a fresh white shirt with a print and an earthy yellow chiffon long skirt visually have the feeling of a seaside holiday. A pair of aviator sunglasses perfectly shows the characteristics of summer casual fashion and looks more youthful and energetic.

Black Sunglasses And Sportswear

When wearing black sunglasses, many people worry that they will be too dull. Therefore, when wearing black sunglasses, do not wear too formal and dark-colored clothing. For example, wearing a suit is not suitable for wearing black sunglasses. In fact, when matching this kind of sunglasses, we can make changes to the clothes. Therefore, I recommend wearing casual sportswear with black sunglasses. In terms of clothing color, do not choose too dark colors, light-colored clothing is more suitable. For example, choosing the color of ice cream, even with black sunglasses, will make the overall clothing more refreshing and give people a bright spot.

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