What shape of sunglasses suits a long face

What shape of sunglasses suits a long face?

In the previous article, we discussed “If you have a narrow face, what style of sunglasses should you wear?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What shape of sunglasses suits a long face?”.

Long faces need dark frames to 'lower' the brow line. You should know what kind of face shape suits what kind of lens.

 Sunglasses with Large Frames

 The long face is especially high in the forehead, and the jawbone is more solid, the chin is long. Wearing the right sunglasses can make the face look shorter and wider.  A wide-brimmed nose frame and dark temples will break the straight line of a long face.  Because the sunglasses with wide edges and large frames can cover the lower part of the face more, it is recommended that people with long faces can wear these sunglasses.  Choosing the sunglasses of the big frame can make up for the little shortcomings of the too-long face, making the facial model look more delicate. Color is given priority to brunet ones.  Also don't allow the frames to be wider than your face or it will make your face look longer.

 Round Sunglasses

For the rectangular face, wearing sunglasses with equal width and high ratio can modify the too angular face shape. It is better than the height of the frame could not be too short.  Suitable sunglasses type is wide-angle sunglasses with a large round frame, panto, square sunglasses, round sunglasses. The Round or arc lens with wide upper and lower, and slightly thick temples can reduce the slender feeling of a long face.  A round frame can reduce obvious edges and corners visually. Avoid choosing frames with obvious edges and corners, and choose frames with large lens height, low temple feet, and dark lens to shorten the face shape.

 Square Sunglasses

It is a classic modeling, generous and decent, and is suitable for steady heavy men and intelligent women, in line with the neutral trend. Because the rectangular face is longer, the thick frame should cover the face as much as you can. And choose the thick frame to reduce the impression of a long face.  For the male rectangular face, it is appropriate to choose the frame with long lens height, such as the approximate square large frame with large height.  For the female square face, it is an appropriate match with an edge and corner approximation square frame, and the height of the lens can be higher, to neutralize the long face.

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