What progressive spectacle lenses are best

What progressive spectacle lenses are best?

In the previous article, we discussed “Are progressive lenses good for sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What progressive spectacle lenses are best?”.

What is a good progressive lens?

No matter how close the objects you see, the lenses are guaranteed to give you a clear view. Whether it's working with a computer, using a smartphone or tablet screen, or simply reading the newspaper, it's all about bringing a comfortable feeling for you. At the same time, the lenses have greater contrast and clarity. The lenses have been tested and approved by the wearer to ensure customer satisfaction, including quick and easy adaptation.


Essilor is a brand, and it designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of lens products to help people correct and protect their vision. Essilor adheres to the corporate mission of 'improving vision, improving life', invests 200 million euros in research and development every year, and constantly launches new products to enhance consumers' experience in wearing glasses. Continuous innovation has always been the core gene of Essilor. In 1959, Essilor created the resin lens, and in the same year, it invented the world's first progressive lens. Innovation involves technology, manufacturing, sales, and service. Based on innovation, they can make as many people as possible obtain visual health, and this is the driving force to promote their development.

Ray-Ban 2132F 7/51 55mm Fashion Gradient Sunglasses

The model 2132 in the famous series New Wayfarer is an improved version of the previous classic version 2140, which reduces the lens space and is more suitable for the low nose type of Asian people. In addition, the lens is flattened from round to smaller, so these sunglasses is more suitable for most Chinese people in general. It is made of tortoise-shell plates, having dark brown progressive lenses. with a diameter of 55mm.

Parzin Retro Light Nylon Lens 92036

Parzin sunglasses are designed in a simple and natural style, combined with the fashion style and free spirit. They are installed in many rural stores, opening up new urban fashion locations, and allowing the brand to write a new chapter with more than one attitude. The lenses have a clear vision, strong impact resistance, and can effectively reduce dazzling light, protect the eyes. The light and high elastic nylon lenses have high impact resistance, with sun shading, UV resistance, heat resistance, and cold resistance.

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