What kind of frame is a titanium frame?

What kind of frame is a titanium frame?

What is pure titanium?

Pure titanium, refers to the titanium metal materials that have more than 89% titanium purity, with not heavy material, corrosion resistance, and strong electroplating.

Pure titanium has special current characteristics. It can guide the electron fluctuation, produce ions, and make the current tends to ionization. The positive and negative ions can easily change the electromagnetic wave caused by the body's biological current chaos caused by the adverse effects, so have a beneficial physiological effect on the human body.

Development of pure titanium spectacle frames

In the early 1990s, different titanium spectacle frames have been developed and mass-produced abroad. Before 1998, titanium spectacle frames had more than 60% of the Japanese market share.Titanium spectacle frames belong to middle and high-grade consumer goods. In recent years, with the growth of people's living standards in China, the domestic demand for titanium spectacle frames is being large.

Classification of titanium frames

Pure titanium means that all the metal parts of the glasses are made of titanium except for the screws and plastic temple tips.Nickel-coated titanium means that the line of the frame is made of titanium and the surface is made of nickel-coated titanium, and this type no longer exists.Nickel-plated titanium is to reduce the cost, to make production more convenient. There are factories developed with titanium-plated nickel metal.

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How to identify pure titanium frames?

Weigh in the hands

Usually, the weight of an alloy frame is about 8.9g/cm3, and for pure titanium, it is 4.5g/cm3, because the weight of titanium materials is equal to half of the alloy frame, with hand weight up lighter.This is one of the easiest ways to distinguish between titanium and a non-titanium one.

Hinge joint

Pure titanium glasses will not make direct contact with titanium in the hinge part, otherwise, it is easy to look at the joint wrinkle, and the temple is not smooth.Checking the hinge for gaskets is a good way to identify if it is pure titanium.Viewing the hinge joint from the inner part, it will have a small groove designed to facilitate the removal of the gasket.

Magnetic response

Loosen the hinge of the frame and attract it with a magnet under free movement. For example, the temple is shaking under the attraction of the magnet, indicating that it is not pure titanium material, otherwise, it may be titanium.



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