What is your favorite sunglasses (for men)

Best Brand Sunglasses For Men

In the previous article, we discussed “The Best Sports Sunglasses of 2021”. In this article, let’s talk about “Best Brand Sunglasses For Men”.

I have a lot of favorites in my collection of sunglasses, but of course, these sunglasses match the cut of my face. Therefore, when you buy sunglasses, you should choose sunglasses according to your face shape and dressing style. Regarding the type of sunglasses, I prefer oval and half frames. I think they fit my face best and make me look better. You can refer to the types of sunglasses I suggest, which will definitely provide you with many choices.

Moscot Lemtosh Sunglasses

Plastic frame sunglasses should be an acceptable choice for most people because of the simple frame and suitable thickness. There will be no awkward feeling after wearing it, which is suitable for most face shapes. If you have the opportunity to try it on, it is best not to judge the size by whether the temple is clamped or not. Because the temples are adjustable, they can be adjusted to a comfortable arc. Therefore, trying on is also very important, which can help you intuitively judge whether sunglasses are suitable for you.

Oliver Peoples Finley

Relatively speaking, the frames of Oliver Peoples reveal a strong literary style. Various metal frames are small in size, suitable for thin and narrow faces. Compared with Moscot's lemtosh, the frame is a bit bigger, but the thinner sheet material balances the overall texture. So, this Finley from Oliver Peoples is another good choice.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/sunglasses-for-men)

DITA NOMAD Sunglasses

DITA's Nomad is actually a sunglasses style launched by an optical frame. The overall feeling is more traditional, and the eyebrow frame is made of sheet material and metal. The color scheme and the thickness of the frame are the main points that attract me. For sunglasses styles, there are more color schemes to choose from. Among them, the Navy Antique color is also coated with 18K gold, which is very special. The size of 51 and the thick eyebrow frame makes the face more three-dimensional when worn. If your face is slightly square or round, you also can wear these sunglasses.

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AMERICAN OPTICAL, this brand has a really long history. OP52/OP55 of this brand should also be regarded as a model of military sunglasses, so the suitability of the military glasses is adequate. Compared with the toad mirror style, the OP is more square. The whole is pure and not fancy, very suitable for a more mature appearance.

Thom Browne 902

The design style of Thom Browne sunglasses is mostly based on classic frames, adding some small details, even adding a brand label red, white, and blue on the temples, which can become very attractive. The 902 style uses a very traditional ear-hook temple and nose bridge, and a movable nose pad is added for practicality. The overall feeling is very retro. Although the mirror width of 40 is small, there are longer extensions on both sides of the frame. Nevertheless, this pair of glasses is more suitable for thin and narrow faces. As for small round sunglasses, the round frame of TB-902 is much better than the perfect circle, which is more flexible, less rigid, and not easy to be labeled with some bad labels.

KoalaEye Aviator Sunglasses

KoalaEye is an emerging eyewear brand. They have no middleman and no retail space overhead. The sunglasses are delivered to you directly from the factory. That is the reason why I want to buy sunglasses from them once again. KoalaEye provides everyone with high-quality glasses at an affordable price. For men, aviator sunglasses are an essential fashion item. I believe that every man will have a pair of cost-effective aviator sunglasses.

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