What is the tiger-like texture (brown color with black spots) used in sunglasses frames called

Are tortoise shell sunglasses in style?

In the previous article, we discussed “What color glasses go best with black hair?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Are tortoise shell sunglasses in style?”.

Tortoise-shell Sunglasses

When it comes to retro sunglasses, tortoise-shell is one of them. Tortoise-shell sunglasses have a strong retro meaning, not only because of their gorgeous colors but because of the texture of tortoise-shell, giving people a sense of the old. Tortoise-shell spectacles are made from turtles, the only species on earth that can digest glass, which is among the country's most valuable wildlife. Tortoise-shell turtles are the only turtles on earth that can digest glass. An important food is sponges. Sponges contain a lot of silica, and the chemical composition of glass is similar, which explains the amazing translucent lines of the tortoiseshell shell. The scale pattern on the back of the tortoiseshell is very beautiful and fashionable, so it has become a fashion trend for young people to pursue.

Categories of Tortoise-shell Frames

Tortoise-shell frames are rich in color, black, red, brown, light golden yellow, with a variety of colors interspersed. The black spots are scattered at random distribution. The overall color is dark, both men and women. To the wearer, it adds a noble and stability. Their unique tortoiseshell scales are crystal clear in texture, clear and beautiful in pattern, soft and bright in color, diverse in variety, without losing the atmosphere, delicate and elegant.

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Benefits of Tortoise-shell Sunglasses

Tortoise-shell frames are easy to wear. When sweating in summer, the frames will not go down, and the bridge of the nose will not be marked. This is one of the reasons why many friends like tortoise-shell frames. The physical structure of tortoise-shell glasses is very close to the nails and hair, so when sweating, it will not easily slip off, not to mention will not cause allergies. Traditional metal glasses and plastic glasses have many reports of allergies. Tortoise-shell glasses can be a good solution to this problem. And the tortoiseshell frame is very light, and long-term wearing can promote blood nourishing the brain, playing a role in health care.

Maintenance of Tortoise-shell Sunglasses

Avoid collision with hard objects to avoid scratching and breaking. Avoid contact with acid and alkaline liquids, and avoid soaking in hot water, otherwise, it will become soft. Please wipe with a soft cloth after use and keep it properly. It can be appropriate to wipe some olive oil if wearing it for a long time, which can maintain gloss.

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