What is the most effective myopia control method?

What is the most effective myopia control method?

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In the previous article, we discussed “What is the history of eyeglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What is the most effective myopia control method?”.

The reason that myopia forms may be congenital heredity, and maybe concern with eye habit. Nearsightedness can be a major problem for young children. It affects their ability to fully participate in daily life, and high levels of nearsightedness can increase the likelihood of developing conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, and macular disease. Therefore, how to delay and control the deepening of children's myopia has become an arduous mission of optometry workers.

Low concentration atropine

Low concentration Atropine (0.01% Atropine) has been shown to slow the increase of myopia. However, photophobia, reduced regulatory function, and long-term eye health problems are of concern. International double-blind studies have identified its controlling role. The higher the concentration, the better the control effect. However, allergic, conjunctival irritation, hyperemia, photophobia, and other reactions and rebound after discontinuation are more obvious. The adverse effects and reactivity of atropine were significantly reduced when used at a concentration of 0.01%. They can monitor diopter and axial changes. The concentration can be adjusted to better control the development of myopia.

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Orthokeratology lens

Ortho-k was originally designed for vision correction. Changes in precorneal degree with flattened central cornea may result in reduced axial and myopic growth. However, orthokeratology has some disadvantages, such as discomfort and increased risk of corneal infection. Orthokeratology lens, commonly known as "OK lens", is a reversible physical orthopedic treatment method that makes the radian of the central cornea appear flat and regular within a certain range by wearing a rigid contact lens with a special geometric design, to temporarily reduce the number of myopia diopters and improve the naked eye vision.

Wear eyeglasses for correction.

Wearing normal glasses can help correct vision and give a child clear vision, but some children still develop vision at different rates. This makes some people mistakenly think that wearing glasses will make the vision deeper and deeper. In reality, the deepening of myopia is not caused by wearing glasses, but my children's study and life of the bad habits.

Wear contact lenses for correction.

Contact lenses are divided into soft and hard lenses. Hard lenses can be used to control myopia, especially in corneal transplants. Digital orthokeratology (MCT) uses a highly oxygen-permeable material to create precision rigid contact lenses that can be worn at night to change the shape of the cornea and eliminate myopia. At the same time, it has good control of the progress of myopia. It works by using the upper eyelid to reverse the growth of the anterior axis and relax the eye muscles by forming the cornea.

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