What glasses make you look older

What glasses make you look older?

In the previous article, we discussed “What do glasses sizes mean?“. In this article, let’s talk about “What glasses make you look older?”.

Metal Frame Glasses

Especially it means the kind of glasses that have a very strong metal sense. Always for the young and beautiful girls, wearing glasses with strong meta show that they are very mature. That age was wanton publicity, high-spirited age. Non-metallic frames, now mainly about the plate, tungsten carbon, and TR90 have a common characteristic, namely, there is no strong metal sense. They have bright colors, novel styles, fashion, and generosity. And they have a very good effect showing that you are young, like the black frame glasses that many stars love.

Glasses look like reading glasses.

Under normal circumstances, as the growth of age, vision is slowly weakened, and eye problems are slowly increasing, then they should wear reading glasses. If your age has not grown, eyes are full of spirit. Besides myopia, there are no other problems, then you wear glasses that look like reading glasses. It will look you are older. Reading glasses are used for the elderly complementary vision. Bifocal?lenses ones with the upper half for looking far and the lower half for looking near. But this kind of reading glasses has jumping image phenomenon when seeing things. The appearance is not beautiful.

Glasses that are too heavy and old-fashioned.

Young little girls can wear small lightweight glasses, helping show youth. Once the glasses look heavy and stupid, and you pair them with dark clothes, with a stereotypical hairstyle, and thick glasses. A stark contrast will be shown to the youthful image, fashionable look. The eyes are close to the eyebrows. Narrow-framed glasses can make your eyes look very small. And the popular big frame glasses are even less suitable.

The incorrect collocation of glasses and skin color makes you look old.

People with white skin are suitable for monochrome glasses or glasses made of transparent materials, and the skin of a person looks more radiant. For people with yellow skin, brown-framed glasses, especially those that are lighter than your own skin tone, can not only brighten your face but increase your air quality and make you look more attractive in the city. People with dark skin should remember not to choose black-rimmed glasses, which will make you look darker. It is more suitable for glasses with warm colors, which can achieve the effect of visual dispersion.

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