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What glasses frames are in style 2021?

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In the previous article, we discussed “How can guys look attractive in glasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What glasses frames are in style 2021?”.

Everyone's five senses cannot be determined by themselves, because we cannot change natural things. However, we can modify our own small blemishes through some remodeling and modification, so that we can make our face more refined. Even if you don't have very good-looking facial features, you can still modify some of your facial features to a certain extent. Nowadays, many people wear glasses because of myopia, but what shape should they wear to better suit their face shape?

Round face with square glasses

A round face is a relatively round type. This type of face looks very round but lacks a little beauty. The biggest feature of a round face is that it is softer, and the contours and features of the face will look gentle. However, it lacks a little tough line, so it is most suitable to choose square glasses for a round face. It can add a little small line to your round face and it will look more beautiful.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/eyeglasses)

Square face with round glasses

The square face belongs to the type of facial lines or tough, which looks a bit unnatural. For this type of face, it is best to choose round glasses because a round shape can make your facial lines softer and add a little femininity. The most suitable glasses for a square face are round, but the size of this round is also very particular. If you have a wider face, it is better to choose larger glasses, which can better modify the face and make the face smaller.

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Heart-shaped face with angular glasses

The heart-shaped face is also a common face shape in daily life. This face shape is somewhat similar to the inverted triangle face shape. Generally, the chin is a relatively sharp face shape. For this type of face, the most important thing is to modify the cheekbones above the nose to highlight the slenderness of the chin. Therefore, it is better to wear a pair of angular glasses, which can effectively modify the facial lines and look more perfect.

Diamond-shaped face with irregular glasses

A diamond-shaped face is more difficult to choose frames because facial features are more distinctive. When choosing glasses, you should also choose more distinctive ones to modify your face. Irregular glasses, such as hexagonal or pentagonal glasses frames, can be selected. The fashion sense is particularly strong. It looks like a little girl's vision and has a good modification effect.

Oval face with glasses of various shapes

The oval face is the most perfect face shape. Whether it is size, shape, or contour, it is a more perfect face shape There are many types to choose from, and there are basically no minefields. But be sure to pay attention to the size of the glasses. Sometimes the size of the glasses is also very important. if you are not careful, it will highlight the incompatibility of your facial features. So make sure your glasses are not too big or too small. You should judge the size according to their face shape.

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