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What is special about cycling glasses?

By :Koalaeye 0 comments
What is special about cycling glasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Why do polarized sunglasses make glass look weird?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What is special about cycling glasses?”.

Different Functions

The main effect of sunglasses is sunshade and prevent ultraviolet rays. Cycling glasses provide more protection from the wind than other sunglasses. It can greatly reduce your chances of getting conjunctivitis. Good cycling glasses can make the eyes do not feel the uncomfortable feeling caused by the wind blowing. In addition to UV protection, cycling glasses have the functions of anti-fog, waterproof, anti-glare, scratch-proof, shatter, and shock-resistant.

The lens is different.

Cycling glasses are not allowed to use glass lenses, to prevent the lenses from breaking and harming your eyes when you fall. On the other hand, they protect your eyes from injury. Sunglasses are usually made of glass or resin Resin. And sunglasses are used to prevent ultraviolet rays commonly, protect an eye outdoors. And they have an adornment effect at the same time. Cycling glasses are skillfully crafted with polarized lenses. Most cyclists ride on roads, which reflect sunlight more strongly than dirt or grass. Sports cycling goggles can not only effectively prevent accidental injuries caused by mosquitoes and flying sand in the process of cycling, but effectively prevent ultraviolet light and improve the visual effect, so as to improve the comfort of cycling. And the sunglasses have polarized lenses, and still have dye lenses, paint lenses, color-changing lenses, and so on.

Different Comfort Levels

Cycling glasses have an aerodynamic curve that fits your face perfectly, enhancing your peripheral vision and providing full eye protection. More and more cycling glasses have vents in the middle of the lens and frame, which makes them cooler and more comfortable to use. And the glasses will not fog, so they are more comfortable when riding.

Cycling glasses have a particular color choice.

Cycling glasses commonly used should be black, blue, yellow, transparent, plated reflectively. Black is usually used to deal with strong light. Yellow improves sharpness in the evening by increasing contrast in the picture. Blue is used in foggy or poor visibility conditions. Transparent film is mainly used as the goggles, rain mirror. Plated lenses work well in snow or high altitude environments with strong ultraviolet light. And the main action of sunglasses is to cut off ultraviolet rays, so the choice of color is not so strict.

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