What Causes Myopia

What Causes Myopia?

In the previous article, we discussed “Which type of lens is used to correct myopia?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What Causes Myopia?”.

Genetic Factors

It has been found that children with a particular genotype are easy to become short-sighted from close reading. Recent medical studies have shown that if both parents have high levels of myopia, the risk of developing myopia is increased for children. Low myopia is multifactorial inheritance, and high myopia is unifactorial inheritance. Simple myopia and a few pathological myopia are autosomal dominant inheritance. Most pathological myopia is recessive inheritance.

Use the eyes incorrectly.

Studies have shown that near vision load is the most important cause of simple myopia. Near vision, load includes overclose eye and overlong eye. Dose gradient effect exists in the development of close work and myopia. The longer you use your eyes, the more likely you are to develop myopia. The more time you spend reading and working in close proximity, the faster your myopia progresses. Working too close for too long activates certain genes, causing disorders in the regulatory set. It leads to abnormal visual function and causes axial growth. This includes playing with different electronic devices. The lens is always in a state of overregulation, which causes visual fatigue in long-term close work. When seeing a close object at the same time, two eyeballs gather to the nose root, making the muscle outside the eye oppresses the eyeball. As time goes by, the eye axis becomes long slowly, causing myopia thereby.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/eyeglasses)

Environmental Factors

Illumination is insufficient, and long-term work in the dark place and life will lead to myopia. We should have high attention and must avoid the emergence of these phenomena. The light using the eyes has a great impact on the eyes, so bad lighting seriously affects the vision. The greater the contrast between the brightness of the environment and the work surface, the more likely it to cause visual fatigue.

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Incorrect Eye Posture

Poor posture can lead to poor vision. The closer the reading distance is, the more inclined the neck is, which can easily cause the ipsilateral pupil to dilate and affect vision. The wrong sitting posture will lead to insufficient light in the eyes, so a long time of close reading will cause excessive use of the eyes, easy to cause vision loss.

Nutrition and Eating Habits

Diet plays an important role in the development of the body. Infants and toddlers who are malnourished may have early emmetropia, which predisposes them to develop myopia. Studies have shown that vegetarians have a high incidence of myopia. In recent years, studies have shown that high glucose, high protein, and the lack of some trace factors may be related to the formation of myopia. High-calorie junk food, high-sugar food, carbonated drinks, puffed food, hormonal ingredients have a negative effect on eye and body development.

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