What are yellow sunglasses for

Trendy Yellow Lens Sunglasses

Yellow lens sunglasses seem to be everywhere this year. This trend has recently entered the Gucci show and returned to most fashionistas, suddenly triggering new trends. These yellow lenses make you look cool, but can they solve the problem of UV protection?

Protect The Skin.

Wearing sunglasses can help people protect their eyes effectively.  People are better off wearing sunglasses with yellow or amber lenses rather than blue ones to avoid certain eye diseases.  Yellow or amber lenses filter out harmful blue light, reducing the amount of it entering the eye, while blue lenses 'pick out' blue light. In particular, patients with macular degeneration should wear yellow glasses to reduce the damage to blue light.

Protect The Eyes.

Yellow or brown lenses filter blue light. Yellow lenses relieve eye strain and make your eyes more comfortable, preventing the most harmful rays.  For the black, dark brown, gray sunglasses, the filter effect is different.  In general, gray lenses can absorb 98% of infrared and ultraviolet (UV) light, while yellow or brown lenses can filter out a lot of blue light.  Blue light is the most harmful to people's eyes. Wearing yellow glasses can effectively filter out blue light, greatly improving visual contrast and clarity.

Dress Collocation

Yellow sunglasses fit with the same color clothing. Yellow sunglasses can fit with yellow clothing or clothing with yellow elements. Although there is no contrast of the color of the single product with a sense of impact, it is incomparable for the same color system of the single product to shape the rich sense of hierarchy. In street photography, the most common combination of yellow sunglasses is the combination of contrasting colors. The contrasting color of yellow is blue, and most fashion people wear yellow sunglasses with jeans or a blue shirt.  The large area blue adds the small area yellow ornament. Contrast color is the most commonly used technique by the stylist because they have the most visual impact.

Personal Color Preference

The golden color is a brilliant luster color, with bright, colorful, rich, and other meanings. It becomes the symbol of many good things. Gold also symbolizes holiness. It is connected with concepts such as autumn, harvest. It contains the meaning of joy, celebration. The simple but elegant lens features of light-colored lens sunglasses make designers have a lot of space to explore the potential no matter in lens frame or lens, material or color.  Some young people wear sunglasses with yellow lenses as decoration.


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