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What are the very best Japanese eyeglass frame brands?

By :Koalaeye 0 comments
What are the very best Japanese eyeglass frame brands?

In the previous article, we discussed “What are the top ten eyeglasses frame brands in India?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are the very best Japanese eyeglass frame brands?”.

999.9 (Four Nines)

It's an eyeglass shop, and since 1995 it's only been an eyeglass frame manufacturer. The name '999.9' comes from the quality indication of pure gold. It means high quality, and their frames are all for comfort. They focus on providing high-quality frames. But they are committed to providing you with the best glasses for each customer. There are more than 25 stores across the country, but you can find 999.9 frames in other eyewear stores. As a result, they will evolve for new possibilities and will attempt to create the highest level of quality eyewear frames.


Charmant is one of the world-famous glasses manufacturing enterprises, founded in 1956, Charmant's proprietary Z titanium series, having toughness and memory function, have comfortable wearing. They have Seiko pure titanium frame, the overall style partial business, and the high-grade sense is strong, more suitable for the pursuit of high-end quality of high consumer groups. They have high-end quality and win the admiration of the whole world deeply. The design guides the popular trend of the market at present. At present, the design of the frame uses deep pure titanium, and more in line with the human body design. Charmant stands for the ultimate comfort of innovative technology and lightweight, safe titanium.


Jins opened its first store in 2001 and has grown fast. Independently developing new products, no matter when customers come to patronize, you can see a complete variety of innovative design products. Jins wants to build a store that customers love to patronize and popular with Japanese quality service. Their philosophy is to enrich your life by providing the most stylish glasses at the lowest price. They provide more than 3,000 frames. In a variety of frames, they collaborated with anime themes for design.


The first optician shop was established in 2001. They now have more than 220 stores across the country and are pretty popular for the easy and quick process of buying prescription glasses. After buying glasses, it can take 30 minutes to get ready. Zoff's eyewear product line covers basic, trendy, and business models, and is suitable for all genders and all ages. One of their most famous frames is the 'Zoff Smart', which is made of soft plastic and is flexible, making it very durable and resistant to breakage.

Recommended Koala Eye

Koala Eye is an emerging fashion eyewear brand, with a top designer team. The frame is designed with ergonomic design, and the style is novel. There are suitable series for fashion wear, men's business, and white-collar.

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