What are the best sunglasses for pilots

What are the best sunglasses for pilots?

In the previous article, we discussed “What are the best sunglasses for readers?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are the best sunglasses for pilots?”.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

They are not only handsome but have a good eye protection effect. The colors of the aviator’s frames and lenses vary widely. In addition to the gold frame +B15 dark green piece, the basic pilot's frames are available in black and gun colors. The lenses also have G15 tawny or brown lenses. All of these colors are functionally available in polarized and non-polarized light. The crystal plane lens leads the tide and shows individual character adequately.

Non-polarized sunglasses

Because polarized light sunglasses have polarized light properties, polarized sunglasses can completely block the dazzling glare caused by various factors such as scattering, bending, and reflection because of their polarized properties. They can completely block UV rays that are harmful to human eyes. They can make the person in the strong light long-term activities, so the eyes are not easy to tire, to truly protect the function of the eyes, and can let things more clear and three-dimensional. These lenses can distort the view through the cockpit windshield and they can also alter the appearance of the clouds, reducing the ground reflection necessary for VFR flight. So the use of polarized sunglasses is not encouraged.

Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster, a fashion eyewear brand, is an innovative brand that constantly develops itself and dares to practice. Adhering to the purpose of 'innovative high-end experiment', they continue to bring surprise and excitement to the world.

Tom Ford FT0599

Tom Ford FT0599, a special sorghum frame, and it has an aviator-style metal frame, suitable for city life, hiking, and beach vacation wear. There are 5 color models, including violet, blue and pink gradient lenses. Infinity is one of the representatives of Selectspecs self-run brands, famous for 'high-cost performance'.It has an elegant and exquisite style and no lack of interest. Infinity S2370 double-beam frame design can match with light blue and black lens, exquisite and clever.

Koala Eye

Koala Eye Aviator Sunglasses are exquisitely crafted, using a stylish silhouette, They pursue quality, pay attention to fresh and fashionable things, and inject new life vitality into glasses culture. They are dedicated to being a professional and influential brand enterprise, to bring trends and fashion to consumers. They are committed to the urban elite to bring an unprecedented elegant luxury noble experience.

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