What Are The Best Sunglasses For Men Under $0?

Best Men's Sunglasses Under $100

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In the previous article, we discussed “Who Makes Sunglasses”. In this article, let’s talk about “Best Men's Sunglasses Under $100”.

When men buy sunglasses, how should they choose sunglasses if they don’t have a lot of budgets? What are the best men's sunglasses under $100?

Pay attention when choosing sunglasses.

1. Prevent Ultraviolet Rays

There will be an oval label on the spectacle lens. If there is the word ANTI-UV on it, it proves to be sunglasses in the true sense.

2. The shape of the glasses frame

It is best to choose sunglasses with a slightly larger frame and wider temples, so as to block the light reflected from the surroundings. The Sunglasses, which can cover eyebrows are better.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

3. The color of the lens

When choosing the color of the lens, you should try them on to see if the color of the surrounding environment is not distorted, the edge of the object is clear, and the signal lights of different colors can be effectively identified.

4. Brands of sunglasses

If you choose a well-known brand of sunglasses, you do not worry about the quality. But sunglasses produced by well-known clothing brands may not have the same good quality. Sunglasses sold by street stalls and hawkers often do not meet the UV protection standards, so they are not a good choice.

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5. Lens quality

Pay attention to the surface of the lens. It should be smooth, without ripples, blemishes, bubbles. Lenses with unevenness, marks, or bubbles are not suitable for purchase.

6. Face Shape

Choose sunglasses with different frame shapes according to your face shape. A round face with a square frame can make your face look slightly angular. An inverted triangle face is suitable for choosing a small frame, which will visually reduce the forehead The effect of the width of the face. For a triangular face, choosing some square frames will make your narrow forehead appear wider, thereby coordinating the facial contour. For a square face, you can choose some wider frames, which can visually shorten the face. If the face is not too long, use a delicate and small frame.

There are many choices of sunglasses today.

There are many popular sunglasses, such as round sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, square sunglasses, slender sunglasses, oval sunglasses, and so on. People can choose sunglasses according to their preferences.

What are the best men's sunglasses brands under $100? For example, zennioptical, zeelool, meeloog, etc. These brands are all affordable. But now, we can't just focus on the price, but also pay more attention to the quality and protection of sunglasses when choosing sunglasses.

We can also keep an eye on some new brands, such as Koala Eye. The sunglasses of Koala Eye have good quality and a favorable price, which can suit the needs of different people.

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