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What are the best high performance sunglasses for cycling?

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What are the best high performance sunglasses for cycling?

In the previous article, we discussed “Can prescription lenses be added to sunglasses frames”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are the best high-performance sunglasses for cycling”.

For many cyclists who are just beginning to ride a bicycle, they will immediately wonder how to choose sunglasses?

What should I pay attention to when choosing sunglasses for cycling?


Sunlight includes direct exposure of strong light, which is irritating to the eyes and affects driving safety. And the glare produced by the reflection of objects illuminated by sunlight, which also affects the clarity of vision. In addition, the ultraviolet and blue light in the sun will cause direct damage to the macula.


When the speed is fast, the wind blowing on the eyes is very strong. The wind will make it difficult to keep the eyes open and make the tears evaporate quickly. For a little longer time, the corneal epidermis will be damaged. Even if it stops, it will continue to sting.

Foreign Matter.

The foreign matter may be a kind of flying sand, small mosquitoes, and even rain. Some people with allergies will begin to have allergic conjunctivitis, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe, such as dryness, itching, severe tingling, and continuous tearing.

Choice of Cycling Glasses

Structural Strength

Sometimes larger stones or insects may hit the glasses. If the speed is fast, strength of sunglasses is very important at this time. In clinical practice, we have seen many broken  glasses will cause irreparable damage. Therefore, poor quality glasses can cause more damage than stones.


Sunlight and wind are in all directions. If the covering is not good enough, there will be some blind spots. Therefore, the two sides should be covered well, as well as covering the whole from the cheeks to the eyebrows.

Air Permeability

Although we want to prevent all external damage, if the heat inside is not allowed to radiate, it will not work to produce mist instead.


No matter how good the glasses are, it is useless if they fall off, so stability on the face is also necessary.


For this function, many people will confuse the color of the lens with polarization. They are two different meanings. Just like water waves, light has directionality. Polarizers can filter the chaotic clutter generated by the reflection of sunlight on objects, such as glare reflected on the road.

The functionality of lens color


Gray lenses are the most common choice, and the distribution of shades is the widest. The darker the color, the less the intensity of the light. But it will not change the color of the scene. So it is very suitable for outdoor sports use.


Yellow lenses can enhance contrast especially when the light source is insufficient. It can also help focus on fast-moving objects. In addition, the yellow lens will filter out the blue light, which can also make the eyes less fatigued.


The red tint in the brown lens can enhance the three-dimensional perception. It is suitable for use in activities that require distance judgment. However, it absorbs more blue light than yellow, so it is not suitable for use in low light conditions.


Provides better contrast than gray lenses, and can express colors more effectively than brown lenses.


Blue lenses filter out yellow light, leaving blue light. This will enhance the recognition of object contours and sharper images, but it also makes the eyes easier to fatigue. Blue lenses is helpful to identifing contours, Improving color perception, strengthening the recognition of signs. However, blue light increases the oxidative pressure of the macula.


It can help the eyes to recognize the distance of objects, strengthen the three-dimensional perception, and enhance the depth of vision and vision. Improve visual depth. Reduce eye fatigue. Provide good visibility for eye comfort.

Five key points to choose the right cycling glasses

Since it is indispensable to wear glasses in cycling, let's understand how to choose a pair of cycling glasses that suits you in 5 steps.

1. Choose according to face shape

2. Choose the right frame size

3. The frame close to the face

4. Will not slide and fall

5. Pay attention to the style of the nose pads

Thank you for your time in reading our passage “What are the best high performance sunglasses for cycling”. For more information about sunglasses, please continue to follow Also, it is welcome to share and forward to Facebook and Twitter.

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