What are the best designer sunglasses in 2021?

What are the best designer sunglasses in 2021?

In the previous article, we discussed “Can wearing a face mask or sunglasses hide our emotions?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are the best designer sunglasses in 2021?”.

According to brand evaluation and sales volume, the top ten sunglasses brands in 2021?are selected. The top ten are BOLON, Ray-Ban, BERTHA, OAKLEY, PRSR, HELEN KELLR, PARIM, MOLSION, PROSUN. If you are looking for a good brand of sunglasses? Then this list of the top ten sunglasses brands can be referred?to for your purchase. We are committed to recommending the best-known sunglasses brands.


Ray-Ban, a well-known brand of sunglasses and polarizers, was founded in the United States in 1930. Now, it is one of the best-selling sunglasses brands in the world. It is synonymous with sun-shielding sunglasses and enjoys the reputation of 'a symbol of American culture.' Ray-Ban is named after the essence of sunglasses which is blocking the dazzling light. Ray-Ban produced sunglasses with slanted mirrors for the US Air Force, providing users with maximum vision protection. The birth of Ray-Ban sunglasses originated from the distress of an American Air Force lieutenant. In 1923, when the lieutenant flew a small plane across the Atlantic Ocean, he was deeply troubled by the strong sunlight. After returning to the base, he even had nausea, headaches, and dizziness. Based on this, in 1930, Bausch & Lomb developed Ray-Ban sunglasses that can absorb the most sunlight, emit the least heat, and maintain clear vision. In addition to the good protective function of Ray-Ban sunglasses, the designer has made the design of its shape and style more prominent the military temperament of the rugged and heroic.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)


Bolon is a professional company that perfectly integrates the production, processing, sales and spare parts service of glasses. Bolon sunglasses adhering to the leading design concept in the fashion industry, in-depth design of fashion and elegance, keeping up with the world's fashion trends, using innovative technology, reflecting the innovative style of Bolon brand. Hand-polished materials and well-designed LOGO patterns are truly interpreting the excellent texture and perfect taste enjoyment of Bolon glasses. All in all, the Bolon sunglasses devote to show the distinctive, extraordinary, elegant and noble temperament.

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Prosun is a well-known brand of polarized. The products of Prosun are exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other regions and countries, and are loved by consumers from all countries. Prosun Polarized Sunglasses adhere to the product concept of 'fashion technology' and pursue more refined eyewear products.?In terms of comprehensive fashion index, functionality, marketing, consumer awareness, and cost-effectiveness, Prosun take the lead in many well-known brands.

How to choose sunglasses

If you want good sunglasses, you need to have the following conditions. First, sunglasses can effectively filter more than 95% of ultraviolet rays. Second, the color of the left and right lenses are relatively uniform, and the difference should not be more than 5%. Moreover, it need to be comfortable to wear without pressing on the bridge of the nose. Finally, sunglasses are good-looking and able to match your own face. When we choose sunglasses, we must pay attention to whether the sunglasses can fit our face shape. Because different sunglasses may correspond to different face shapes. Just like my round face, it may be more suitable for aviator sunglasses. But some long or thin faces prefer to wear sunglasses with large lenses.

Generally, when choosing sunglasses, if you have myopia, it will be better to wear myopia sunglasses. Otherwise, it’s basically useless that you can’t see clearly after you wear sunglasses.

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