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What are purple lenses good for?

Blue- or purple-tinted sunglass lenses provide stunning and enhanced color perception. They also help you see contours around objects more clearly while offering protection from reflective surfaces, especially snow. Sunglasses with blue lenses also work well in foggy and misty weather.
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In the previous article, we discussed “What are power sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are purple lenses good for?”.

Advantages of Color-changing Lenses

Under the sunlight, the lens is irradiated by ultraviolet rays and short wave visible light, which darkens the color and reduces the light transmittance. In the room or in dark places, the lens light transmission rate increases. The photochromism of the lens is automatic and reversible. Color-changing glasses can adjust the transmittance through lens color changing, so that the human eyes can adapt to the changes of environmental light, reducing visual fatigue and protecting the eyes. The color after discoloration mainly has the gray, the brown color.

They are exquisite and stylish.

Purple is suitable for girls with fair skin. It is best to wear clothes of the same color or basic black/white color. Another way to match the clothes is to match them with purple bags or shoes regardless of the color of the clothes. Girls are more suitable for bright color frames. Purple symbolizes nobility and is often loved by aristocrats. It is a mixture of warmth style and calm style and is made of red and blue, so ladies will look noble and elegant. Purple glasses are more suitable for little girls. Purple is the color of a dream, and such a frame still reveals the vivacity and loveliness of girls.

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They can reduce glare.

They can absorb blue atmospheric scattering and provides more contrast. When performance is your top priority, the right lens tone can give you the results you want. UV rays are blocked by a special coating on the lenses. And inferior sunglasses not only cannot hold back ultraviolet rays but let lens permeable luminosity drops seriously, making pupil greens. Ultraviolet rays can shoot in large quantities instead, your eye is damaged.

UV Protection

The wearer's vision is fully protected, not easy to fatigue. If sunglasses are manufactured with UV-resistant materials, then they are UV-resistant sunglasses, which can prevent damage to vision by UV-infrared X-rays. When such sunglasses are sold, there is the mark of UV commonly. To judge whether sunglasses are UV proof, in addition to looking at whether they have UV marks, you can also look at that if the lens of the frame edge is smooth.

The edge is smooth for the lens of resin material, and this lens has a strong anti-ultraviolet function. The lens of the wavy edge is usually a glass lens. This kind of lens not only has poor UV protection function but also tends to produce degrees during installation, which is harmful to our eyes.

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