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What are good sunglasses for big heads?

By :Koalaeye 0 comments
What are good sunglasses for big heads?

In the previous article, we discussed “What are the best sunglasses for pilots?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are good sunglasses for big heads?”.

Rimless Sunglasses or Slender Frames

Choose rimless sunglasses, preferably titanium lens legs. Such sunglasses can make the lens to be very large, can solve a lot of problems. Also, because they are rimless sunglasses, it is not easy to look too small. You should look for flexible, straight-leg sunglasses. They come in many sizes and are a great solution to the problem of short legs of the sunglasses. The more thin frame suggests the wisdom of moderation. Black is like a black hole, it can take you to the end of time without any notice. They do not show inflexible and stubborn feelings, and the bright black can be more exquisite only. These bright black square sunglasses are the perfect choice to highlight the temperament of a man.

A large face is not suitable for round sunglasses.

A large face is not suitable for wearing sunglasses that are too round, because the overall line is round, and the round face will appear more round after wearing, which will have the reverse effect of deepening the impression of a round face. And square-framed sunglasses can make up for a round face, So you can choose square sunglasses or a combination of square and round sunglasses for a round face. And the width of the frame should be slightly wider than the width of the face, so there will be a visual thin effect. So it doesn't look like a fat face.

Sunglasses That Have a Large Frame and Dark Color

It's best to use a dark, 'wide-brimmed frame with brown lenses. They had to use an inverted trapezoidal square lens. The sunglasses are bright and charming. They hold the eye tightly and draw attention away from the face. Large frames take up large areas of the surface and can compensate for defects. The mysterious appearance gives people a kind of charm.

Retro Sunglasses

They are elegant, avant-garde, luxuriant, classical, simple, showing personality, and are suitable for the round face, long face, square oval face. They can make the facial contour more three-dimensional, a very fashionable temperament. They use the neutral ultra-light, ultra-fine metal structure. The texture is very lightweight, very comfortable. It appears that the facial contour is more good-looking and sends out a unique temperament.

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