What are clip-on glasses

What are clip-on glasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “What is a saddle bridge on eyeglasses?“. In this article, let’s talk about “What are clip-on glasses?”.

What are clip-on glasses?

So-called sunglasses clip piece is a new type of glasses specially designed for the myopic crowd. It can protect the eyes already and can reduce the weight of going out again, to avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Short-sighted people think that they can't wear regular polarized sunglasses. The vision correction effect of myopic sunglasses is not satisfactory. Clip-on sunglasses are polarized sunglasses designed for nearsighted people. They effectively prevent glare and UV rays. They are especially suitable for driving, outdoor, fishing, and other outdoor sports.

What is the main purpose of clip-on glasses?

Clip-on glasses are specifically designed for people who are nearsighted. Common clip-on glasses serve two main purposes. The first one is for the cinema to watch 3D movies. Nowadays, in order to pursue the stereoscopic effect, many movies are made into 3D movies. To watch 3D movies, you must wear 3D glasses to achieve the desired viewing effect, to give the audience a sense of depth and immersion. The second one is that it is used in daily life, effective sunscreen isolation, anti-glare, anti-ultraviolet. The clip should be selected according to the size of the myopic glasses. If the clip size is too small, it will expose the hidden myopic glasses, which will affect the beauty and comfort. Therefore, try to choose a clip that can be slightly larger than the myopic glasses.

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How is the sunglasses clip fixed on glasses?

There are also three types of fixing sunglasses clips: The first one is that it is directly sucked on both sides of the lens frame with magnets. The second one is that it is designed directly with magnetic connection points in the nose bridge of the lens frame. And the third one is that it is stuck on the lens frame. And in addition to the ordinary sunglasses lens, there is the polarized lens.

Are sunglasses clips expensive?

Special myopic sunglasses are more expensive commonly and have not often used, so a lot of people gave up. Especially those people with myopic should use special myopic sunglasses, but the price may be more than 00. A lot of consumers do not want to spend this money. Because they are small and portable and don't cost too much like specialized sunglasses, many people will be happy to choose a polarized clip.

How to use clip-on sunglasses?

Sunglasses clip belongs to the clip or set lens which is designed on the basis of the lens frame extension. When you use it, hold the spring button of the clip first to push open the clip. Pinch the spring clamp on the bridge of the nose of the glasses from the top to the bottom. If you've clamped the clip on your glasses, adjust them.

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