What are carbon fiber glasses

What are carbon fiber glasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “What are the best sunglasses for skiing?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are carbon fiber glasses?”.

What are carbon fiber glasses?

Carbon fiber is a polymer, that is, they are carbon atoms shaped into filaments after a variety of heating steps. Fiber cloth is called 'black gold' in the world. It is called the 'third-generation material' after the metal like stone tools and steel because the composite materials made of carbon fiber have pretty high strength, ultra-light feature, and high temperature and pressure resistance. Carbon fiber glasses will be lightweight, and have high tensile strength, and look upscale.

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Glasses

With a small specific gravity, the resulting carbon-fiber glasses are not heavy. It is lighter than other eyewear materials on the market and is the latest eyewear material. Tests have confirmed that carbon fiber glasses of the same size are about 30% lighter than titanium frames and weigh less than 1/4 of regular metal glasses, making them very comfortable to wear. They have high strength, good elasticity, and have no deformation. Carbon fiber is made from the same element of carbon as diamonds, so it is very stiff. Carbon fiber glasses are resistant to corrosion and sweat. Carbon fibers are chemically stable and highly resistant to corrosion. After testing, carbon fiber glasses are acid, alkali, and salt resistant, and have unique features in corrosion resistance over other materials. They can keep intact in wet and harsh environments.

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Manufacture of Carbon Fiber Glasses

Designing carbon fiber glasses is a slow and complicated process. The carbon fiber plate is pressed and bent (the arc of the lens leg), and then the shape of the glasses accessory is carved. After the carving process, the accessories have been shaped, followed by grinding and polishing and adding a protective layer. Then the assembly process begins. A full visual inspection is carried out before assembly. After the assembly, a random sample of 20 percent of the glasses is checked.

Which is better: Carbon fiber or pure titanium glasses?

Pure titanium has been considered to be the best material for the production of eyewear frames so far. The carbon fiber material is widely used in the space field, military field, building reinforcement materials, eyewear material, etc. Titanium and titanium alloy materials are used in the aviation industry, shipbuilding industry, chemical industry, hard alloy, glasses material. Pure titanium glasses feel soft and gentle, and they are comfortable to wear and do not have allergies. Carbon fiber glasses are non-allergic and comfortable to wear. Titanium frames are very light, having a specific gravity of about 4.5g/cm3 for pure titanium frames, while carbon fiber glasses weigh even less. Titanium is hard, and carbon fiber is harder than steel and ten times stronger than iron. carbon fiber glasses basically have the regular advantages of the titanium frame. In weight, carbon fiber glasses are much lighter than plain titanium glasses.

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