The Best Polarized Sunglasses For Fishing

The Best Polarized Sunglasses For Fishing

In the previous article, we discussed “What are the best sunglasses for fishing under $50?”. In this article, let’s talk about “The Best Polarized Sunglasses For Fishing”.

Smith Optics

American Smith Optics, founded in 1962. It is a top sport optical eyewear brand under the Italian luxury eyewear group Safilo. It focuses on the research and development of cutting-edge technology of snow sunglasses and sunglasses and is a master of integrating natural and casual sports lifestyle into sunglasses products. The polarized sunglasses of Smith Optics are designed from the viewpoints of the people who love fishing, presenting the best capabilities in design, components, and workmanship.


On the one hand, it absorbs dazzling light, and passes through useful light. The lens material is lighter and more flexible, which has more effective performance. Polaroid sunglasses look like just a thin piece of light and are very polarized to protect the eye from glare when they are worn. Polaroid PTX4000 lenses effectively protect the eye and eyes against high-speed impact. High-quality Polaroid sunglasses can effectively block glare and increase visual effect and acuity. They can not only effectively eliminate glare, but can eliminate 0% harmful UVA, UVB, UVC, UV, fully meeting the highest Australian standards of eliminating UV below 400nm. The latest high-tech PTX4000 polarized lens is made by unique high-light bending production technology to make the color clearer and more natural. Specular bending technology offers excellent optical performance and a polarizing effect in the lens bending process, which can provide good optical performance, make the wearer's eyes and mood pretty relaxed, and improve visual fatigue.


Bolon is the perfect combination of texture and taste. It is a professional company integrating sunglasses production, processing, sales, and spare parts service. Bolon adheres to the fashion industry's leading design concept, having the in-depth design of fashion and elegance, closely following the world fashion trend, relying on the use of innovative technology. It reflects this brand always adheres to the innovative style. A variety of quality fishing eyewear products will fit you in shape, no matter what style of fishing you prefer. The handcrafted materials and the elaborately designed logo-derived patterns are full of brilliance, truly showing the extraordinary texture and perfect taste of Bolon sunglasses, showing the distinctive, unique, elegant, and noble temperament.


The company adheres to the product concept of 'fashion science and technology', and expects more wonderful sunglasses products. The company hires professionals to continuously collect the latest fashion information at home and abroad for a long time, to capture fashion inspiration keenly, and to push the scientific and technological horizon to a more perfect realm. The lens adopts TAC double curvature polarized lens and double arc bending PC polarized lens, which is patented by the state. They adopt GTR polarized lens with high contrast and high-quality optical material produced by Swiss EMS company, which is light in weight and not easy to deform, which can greatly reduce the pressure of the bridge of the nose and make it more comfortable to wear. There are progressive polarized lenses that adjust automatically the degrees of the color of the lenses according to the intensity of ultraviolet light and a variety of high-quality polarized lenses that can brighten the vision.

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