Sunglasses When Running?

Why Wear Sunglasses When Running

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In the previous article, we discussed “What sunglasses are in style now?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Why Wear Sunglasses When Running”.

With the promotion and development of running sports, there are more and more running competitions, and more people are interested in running. About running types of equipment, the first thing that comes to our mind is running shoes, and then is running clothing. However, the importance of sports sunglasses has been ignored easily by many runners. In fact, this is not to be cool, but to protect the eyes. We must know that it is easy for our eyes to absorb the ultraviolet rays in the sun. Therefore, spending a lot of time outside, direct sunlight will do harm to the eyes. Sports glasses can effectively protect eyes from ultraviolet rays and the stimulation of strong light.


Our eyes are very easy to absorb the ultraviolet rays in the sun. Long-time outdoor training or competition under direct sunlight may cause macular degeneration. At the same time, incomplete absorption will lead to the opacity of the eye's crystalline lens and serious eye diseases such as cataracts. Long-term excessive exposure to ultraviolet light may cause chronic conjunctivitis, corneal injury, pterygium, glaucoma, and retinal damage.

Protection Against Sunlight

In addition to ultraviolet light, the strong light in the sun will bring intense irritation to the eyes. When you suddenly enter a relatively dark environment from an environment exposed to strong light for a long time, it will cause short-term dizziness and even blindness. Especially during cross-country running, it is very dangerous if you can't see the surrounding clearly. And you can't judge your foothold in time which may cause danger in sports.

When the light goes through rough roads and puddles of water, it also will produce an irregular diffuse reflection. Commonly, we know this situation as 'glare'. The appearance of glare will make your eyes very uncomfortable, also it will cause fatigue, and affect the clarity of vision. Strong glare will bring vision block, adversely affecting the quality of vision. In order to ensure your running fun and safety, wearing sunglasses is a good choice.

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Prevent Foreign Objects From Entering The Eyes

Wearing sports sunglasses when running will be your first line of defense to protect your eyes. It can not only prevent ultraviolet rays and strong light but also prevent the irritation of strong winds to the eyes during the exercise. During running, due to the focus on road signs and road conditions, it is often difficult to give some attention to other foreign objects, such as the branches on both sides of the road.  At this time, sports glasses can prevent sand, flying insects, and tree branches from the eyes.

Ensure The Good Dynamic Vision

During running, the dynamic visual acuity of the human eyes to observe various conditions on the road and surroundings is much lower than when it is stationary. As speeding up, the work of the eyes will become more and more tense. In this time, it will reduce our eyesight significantly, and the range where the eyes can see clearly will become narrower and narrower. Also, your visible vision and field of view will become worse when you run faster. If the protection of the eyes and vision is not good enough, it will be difficult to deal with various emergency situations and accidents that will occur during running.

Sports sunglasses have become as essential equipment as sun cream for people who stay outdoor for a long time, and are engaged in running. However, it is easy for many runners to ignore the importance of sunglasses. Having a pair of sports sunglasses is not just for dressing up, but more importantly to protect your eyes. In this way, the runner can prevent their eyes from the damage of strong light and ultraviolet rays. Wearing sports sunglasses can help you complete running training or competitions, and enjoy the fun of running more healthily and safely.

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