Should sunglasses cover your eyebrows

Should sunglasses cover your eyebrows?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Can men wear cat-eye sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Should sunglasses cover your eyebrows?”.

Nowadays, sunglasses are no longer a pure sun-shielding function, and more have become an indispensable fashion element in clothing. Whether you buy sunglasses online or in a famous store in a mall, you will be surprised by the variety in front of you, and many people don't know what shape of glasses your face fits. How to choose the sunglasses that suits you?

Should sunglasses cover your eyebrows?

First of all, don't cover your eyebrows when wearing sunglasses. Don't wear it too high and cover half of your forehead. This will make your entire face out of proportion, your forehead will look very short and the lower part of your face will be very long. If the sunglasses cover the eyebrows, they will cover half of your face, and the facial proportions will become uncoordinated. So, no matter what style of sunglasses you wear, my suggestion is to show your eyebrows slightly.

Round face with square frame sunglasses

The round face is a very popular face shape and the most affinity of all face shapes. A round face shape means that the width of your forehead is about the same as the width of your chin. The entire face shape has a clear center point, and the edge lines are filled with plump flesh. For such a round face, square sunglasses can give you a little tough line, making your 'soft flesh and boneless' face look a little skeletal. So round-shaped little fairies, square-framed sunglasses can make you more attractive.(

Square face with round frame sunglasses

A square face is characterized by one or two well-defined skeletal structures on both sides, and the outline of the lower jaw slightly exceeds your forehead. The square face is too tough for girls. For round faces, square frames are needed to mediate. What about square faces? The round frame sunglasses can modify the square face. A round frame sunglasses can soften the innate sense of the hard lines of the face, and add flexibility to the girl.

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Pear-shaped face with cat-eye frame sunglasses

Pear-shaped faces are also called diamond faces, and there are probably many little fairies with such faces. The characteristic of a pear-shaped face is that your face and cheekbones account for most of your face, while your forehead is more pointed and your chin is shorter. Since the pear-shaped face is characterized by the top tip and wide bottom, the cat-eye frame sunglasses with 'wide top and narrow bottom' are suitable. Cat-eye sunglasses can create a visual illusion of a wider forehead, so as to very well modify the overall contours of your face. For girls with pear-shaped faces, cat-eye-shaped sunglasses are definitely suitable for you.

Rectangular face with rectangular frame sunglasses

The characteristic of a rectangular face is that the shape of your forehead, cheeks, and chin is almost the same width, but the top and bottom lengths are longer than other face shapes. Usually, the length-to-height ratio of an oval face is 1:1.5. Any face with an aspect ratio of more than 1.5 is a rectangular face. Therefore, in this case, when we choose glasses, we have to give people the visual illusion of horizontal width. A rectangular frame of sunglasses is the best choice. Wearing it, you will have the perfect face shape of an oval face visually.

Heart-shaped face with toad-shaped sunglasses

Proportionally speaking, the heart-shaped face is the widest forehead of all faces of the same size, and then gradually reduces to a narrow jaw. Then we have to create the illusion of wider cheeks to balance the width of your forehead, which means that aviator-style toad-shaped sunglasses are more suitable for you. It is best to let the collapsed frame cover your cheeks, but not too high above it, and it is best not to cover the eyebrows, so as to better repair the shape of your face. Put it on and go out more confidently.

Oval face fits many types of sunglasses

The oval face is characterized by the length of the face being slightly longer than the width, and a narrower forehead and chin. If you have an oval face, you can wear any style of sunglasses. Square sunglasses, round sunglasses, rectangular sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, or some weird sunglasses, all are okay, just go ahead and try them.

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