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Ray-ban Wayfarer is an iconic design. It was released in the 1950s and has stayed popular pretty much ever since. Ray-ban Wayfarer glasses are popular among musicians, actors and the general public.

However, Ray-ban Wayfarer glasses come at a high price and many people can’t afford them. So, they wonder there are alternatives to Ray-ban Wayfarer glasses.

Hence, in this post, we will show you some Ray-ban Wayfarer glasses alternatives and they come at a cheap price.

3 Best Ray-ban Wayfarer Alternatives

1. Koalaeye Pearl

The first Ray-ban Wayfarer glasses alternative we want to mention is the Koalaeye Pearl. This kind of Wayfarer glasses are designed with acetate material and have a way of making a statement. Whether dramatically oversized or petite, the round Wayfarer sunglasses expertly navigate the balance between classic and contemporary. With not that angular style, alternative Ray-ban Wayfarer glasses - Pearl guarantees that they will complement your face.

In addition, Koalaeye Pearl comes at a cheap price and they are about $39. So, most people are able to afford them.

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2. Koalaeye Gene

The second Ray-ban Wayfarer alternative we want to mention is Koalaeye Gene. These Koalaeye Gene Wayfarer glasses are both sleek and sophisticated. In popular Wayfarer glasses, they are sure to pair well with any outfit or occasion and the acetate frames make it sturdy. Oval lenses, and with slightly Wayfarer-shape in the top corners that are full of classic and always ready for the camera.

These Koalaeye Gen glasses are about $42, but they are also cheap than the Ray-ban Wayfarer glasses.

3. Vans Spicoli

As for the Ray-ban Wayfarer alternative, the Vans Spicoli would be recommended. If you are looking for a brand to rival Ray-ban for rock and roll col, you do not need to look much further than Vans. While better known for skate apparel, the brand also sells shades including the Spicoli frame that has a lot in common with Wayfarer. In addition, these Wayfarer glasses come at a cheap price and they are under $15.

Of course, besides these Wayfarer glasses alternatives, there are also some other choices available. You can search for them online.

If you like Koalaeye Wayfarer glasses, you can purchase them online and the package will be mailed for you free with your great convenience.

To sum up, this post has listed some Ray-ban Wayfarer alternatives. If you have any different ideas for Wayfarer glasses, you can share them in the comment zone. If you have any problems with Wayfarer glasses or Wayfarer sunglasses, contact us via the email service@koalaeye.com and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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