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What Are Mirrored Sunglasses? Advantages and Disadvantages

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What Are Mirrored Sunglasses?

Mirrored sunglasses are sunglasses with a reflective optical coating or flash coating on the outside of the lenses so as to make them look like small mirrors. The lenses give the wearer’s vision a brown or gray tint.

The mirror coating on the lenses is able to decrease the amount of light passing through the tinted lens by a further 10-60%, making it especially useful in conditions of sand, water, snow and higher altitudes. Mirrored sunglasses are one-way mirrors. 

In addition, the color of the mirror coating is independent of the tint of the lenses. It is determined by the thickness and structure of the layer. The mirror-coated lenses limit the amount of light entering your eyes to make you feel more comfortable.

What Are the Advantages of Mirrored Sunglasses?

After learning what mirrored sunglasses is, you should know the advantages and the disadvantages of the sunglasses. First of all, we should show you what the advantages of mirrored sunglasses are .

Unlike polarized sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses offer great eye protection by preventing your eyes from straining.

The mirrored sunglasses are able to prevent too much light from getting into your lenses, which can keep glare from affecting your eyesight. So, when you are driving or participating in an outdoor sport in sunny conditions, the mirrored sunglasses would be safe.

The mirrored sunglasses come in various colors. Wearing them may make you more fashionable.

Mirrored sunglasses are also ideal if you wish to conceal your eyes behind your lenses. When others look at you, they will see their reflection but nothing else. But you can see others without any issues.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Mirrored Sunglasses?

While some people may think the mirrored sunglasses are not good. Since the mirrored sunglasses are stronger than most, you need to take special care of them to resist scratching. And you also need to clean the frames and lenses to keep them in good condition. You can read the post: How to Clean Glasses? Here Is the Reliable Way.

Mirrored sunglasses may be a little expensive than the standard tinted lenses. So some people may think mirrored sunglasses are not the best choice.

Where to Buy Mirrored Sunglasses?

As mentioned above, the mirrored sunglasses are a little expensive than the standard sunglasses. So, where can you buy some cheap mirrored sunglasses? You can buy mirrored sunglasses from Koalaeye Optical. It provides all kinds of sunglasses, such as polarized sunglasses, progressive sunglasses, prescription mirrored sunglasses, and so on. So, if you want to choose a pair of mirrored sunglasses, try Koalaeye.

In conclusion, if you have any different ideas about mirrored sunglasses, you can leave a message in the comment zone. If you have any problems with sunglasses or glasses, you can contact us via the email service@koalaeye.com.

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