What Is Long Sightedness|Definition, Causes, and Symptoms

What Is Long Sightedness?

Long sightedness, also known as hypermetropia, is one of the most common eye conditions. In most people’s eyeballs, seeing objects at a distance any further than that of a small room requires focusing muscles to be totally relaxed and unstrained. However, for those people with hypermetropia, focusing muscles remain strained regardless of distance. It means that affected patients are challenged in their ability to see objects at a close distance.

And objects at a long distance can only be seen clearly if the level of long sightedness is low if the level is high and glasses are also needed for distance. In addition, presbyopic often develop sooner when one is longsighted.

As for long sightedness, light is focused behind the retina. This can lead to objects at a short distance appearing distorted or blurred.

Causes of Long Sightedness

So, do you know what causes the long sightedness? Long sightedness causes are not definite nor singular. It may be affected by eye size, shape and other factors. So, here list some reasons of long sightedness.

1. The size and shape of the eyeball may be shorter than the normal eye.
2. The cornea may be too flat in dimension, its curvature too flat.
3. An inability of the lens to focus according to light.

Besides above, the long sightedness occurs from birth and the long sightedness may become worse due to the following factors:

1. Age degeneration.
2. Genetics.(Long sightedness is frequently inherited from parents)
3. A stiffening of the eye’s lenses over time.

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Symptoms of Long Sightedness

After learning some basic information about hypermetropia, you should know the symptoms of long sightedness. The main symptom is you may have difficulty seeing near objects clearly. Eye strain is common and long sighted people may have headaches and uncomfortable vision.

Besides, there may be difficulties with seeing with both eyes as the brain tend to ignore signals coming from the most long-sighted eye.

Long sightedness people may have difficulty with depth perception(3-dimensional vision) because this needs two eyes to work together, more or less equally.

While this eye condition does not cause pain or any life-threatening consequences, but it can bring some inconvenience in daily life. In addition, the condition can present several safety issues when completing certain activities that require a clear close vision.

How to Correct Long Sightedness?

As this eye condition can lead to some inconvenience, how can you correct it? In the majority of cases, hypermetropia can be correct by wearing prescription glasses, which can assist your eyes in focusing light at the correct position in your retina.

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Besides this way, some patients may choose laser eye surgery. Laser refractive surgery can manipulate the shape of your cornea, allowing rays of light to accurately focus on your retina.

As for how to correct long sightedness, you can choose the way you like.

In conclusion, this post has shown the long sighted meaning. If you have any different ideas of long sightedness, share them in the comment zone. If you have any problems with glasses or sunglasses, don’t hesitate to contact us via the email service@koalaeye.com.

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