I have a heart-shaped face. What shape and shade of sunglasses should I wear

I have a heart-shaped face. What shape and shade of sunglasses should I wear?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Where are Gucci sunglasses made?”. In this article, let’s talk about “I have a heart-shaped face. What shape and shade of sunglasses should I wear?”.

If you are not satisfied with your face shape, you may wish to choose a suitable pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses that are in harmony with your own style and temperament can transform your face into a magical effect. I have a heart-shaped face. What sunglasses are suitable for a heart-shaped face? How to choose suitable sunglasses according to your face shape?

Determine Your Face Shape

When you choose sunglasses, it is important for you to understand your face shape. The basic principle of choosing sunglasses is that you cannot wear round glasses with round faces, and square glasses with square faces. Otherwise, round glasses make faces rounder and square glasses make faces more square. The heart-shaped face can be worn in all shapes of glasses. For the oval face, which is a standard face, just don't choose an overly exaggerated shape when choosing sunglasses. Choose sunglasses as far as possible to avoid being too fancy because the fancy sunglasses will make you look very lackluster.(https://www.koalaeye.com/blogs/our-stories)

Heart-Shaped Face

The heart-shaped face is a face shape with a wide top and a narrow bottom. You should avoid glasses with a wide top and a narrow bottom, such as toad glasses. You can choose a frame with a larger curvature, such as a large round shape. In addition, the position of the temples as far down as possible can modify the face shape with a wide top and a narrow bottom. If you are a person with a long face, you can choose a frame with the bridge of the nose down, so that the face looks less long visually. Selecting the frame according to the face shape is only one aspect, and the frame can also modify the facial features. People with larger eye distances can choose a frame with a thicker nose bridge and a more eye-catching color to reduce the disadvantages. In addition, the size of the ring should match the size of the eyes and mouth. It is recommended to avoid small-frame glasses for large eyes and mouths. . People with long noses also recommend a frame with a lower nose bridge, which is better visually. If you think your nose is larger, you can choose a frame with less obvious edges of the frame, such as slim and light-colored frames, half-rim frames, rimless frames.

Sunglasses For Other Face Shapes

The round face is what we usually call the baby face. The facial lines are relatively round. What kind of sunglasses is suitable for people with this face shape? First of all, you cannot choose a large lens. It does not mean that a large lens can cover a big face. You should choose a dark square lens. A round face and a round frame are both enemies. And putting them together will make a person's face look rounder, so try to avoid round frames.

For the square face, the cheekbones and the angle of the mandible are relatively square, and the chin is shorter and well-defined. This kind of face shape must first avoid square frame sunglasses because it will make the face wider. You can choose dark square round sunglasses and cat-eye sunglasses, you can also choose a long and narrow line of aviator sunglasses, the width of the frame is slightly larger than the width of the face.

The long-faced people should choose big sunglasses that can cover the face, and shorten the face. Also choose a darker color, which has a good occlusion effect. The Aviator sunglasses are the most friendly style for people with long faces.

The oval face is also the most popular oval face, the traditional beauty face. The young lady with this face shape can choose sunglasses at will. There are no defects to cover, so you can choose boldly and safely. But don't choose which ones are particularly exaggerated, which are too eye-catching.

The best way to choose sunglasses is to go to the optician to try them on. According to your own preferences, try a variety of styles so that it is easier to see which one is more suitable for you. There are a lot of sunglasses for us to choose from. In order to enhance our beauty, we must choose the most beautiful sunglasses that suits us.

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