How do you choose sunglasses for kids

How do you choose sunglasses for kids?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Is LensCrafters expensive?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How do you choose sunglasses for kids?”.

Summer is coming, and many parents want to take their children out to play, but they are afraid that the strong sunlight will damage the children’s eyes. So, how do choose sunglasses for children?

Say no to products without quality assurance

There are some sunglasses sold on the street. Don’t buy these sunglasses because they don’t have standard quality assurance. It is recommended that when parents choose sunglasses for their children, they should go to a formal optical shop and choose qualified sunglasses. So, what are qualified sunglasses? Parents can be identified the sunglasses by the product label, the UV400 mark, and other marks. If the child suffers from eye diseases, parents should first ask the doctor whether the child is suitable for wearing sunglasses, and then get glasses according to their own conditions.

Choose light-colored full-frame sunglasses

When choosing sunglasses for children, it is best to choose sunglasses that are not dark in color and full-frame. At the same time, the size of the frame should be as close to the child's face as possible, because sunglasses that are as close to the eyes as possible can better block ultraviolet rays from all directions. In addition, the frame should not be too heavy or too wide, otherwise, it will slip off easily.(

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Don’t choose glass lenses for sunglasses

Children are lively and active and are prone to collisions and falls. The glass lenses have low impact resistance and low safety. In addition, when buying sunglasses, parents can observe distant objects through the lens of the sunglasses and rotate slightly to observe whether the objects are deformed or distorted. If so, it means that the lens is deformed and should not be purchased.

Myopia children choose myopia color-changing glasses

When the light is not strong, myopia color-changing glasses are ordinary myopia glasses. The color of the lenses will darken and turn into sunglasses when the sun is strong outdoors. If you are indoors, the lenses will get transparent again. These glasses will not affect the vision of myopic children, but can also prevent damage to the eyes of the bright light.

Precautions for children wearing sunglasses

1. Don't let children wear sunglasses for a long time. When the sun is particularly strong outdoors, just wear sunglasses for your children. When the sky is dark or you are indoors, you can ask your children to take off their sunglasses, otherwise, it is not good for eye health.

2. Don't wear it if the eyes are sick. If your children suffer from pink eye, high intraocular pressure, high blood pressure, and other diseases do not wear sunglasses for them, otherwise, it will easily lead to worsening of the condition.

3. Don't buy inferior sunglasses. Inferior sunglasses often have problems such as poor optical performance, low light transmittance, and water ripples in the lenses. If children wear them for a long time, they are likely to cause damage to the eyes, and in serious cases, they may even lose their eyesight.

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