How do I know if my blue light glasses work

How do I know if my blue light glasses work?

In the previous article, we discussed “What are the very best Japanese eyeglass frame brands?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How do I know if my blue light glasses work?”.

Look at the lens.

Remember to check manuals related to the glasses and test reports related to lenses before matching glasses. You can check to see if the lenses have a high light yellow color. For the high-quality anti-blue glasses, the lens will have a light yellow but do not hinder the line of sight, with high transmittance. Real blue-blocking glasses should be yellow. Based on the basic principles of optics, the light reflected from the lens is to blocks the light of the same color as it.

Request the Spectrum Report.

You'll first need to contact the company that bought the glasses and request a spectral report. This spectral report will tell you how much blue light your computer glasses are filtering out. Computer glasses feature a clear lens that can only be worn during the day. They can filter out too much blue light and protect you from digital eye strain. When the company sends you a spectral report, make sure your computer glasses filter out at least 30% of the blue light in the entire blue range.

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Have a lens reflection test.

A good home test is to put on your computer glasses and see what color of light the lenses reflect. If they reflect blue light, then you know they filter out some blue light. If it reflects purple, you know the blue light may not be filtered as efficiently. You can place the glasses in front of the display screen or under an LED light to see if blue light is reflected off the surface of the lens, indicating that the glasses block blue light.

Have the RGB color chart test.

Another way to test blue light blocking glasses is to use the RGB circle test sheet. Put on your blue glasses and look at the chart. If your glasses filter blue light, then section B should be black and section G should be dark. This suggests that your blue glasses also filter out some green light, which is important for use after sunset. When you wear blue light glasses, the darker the green circles, the better.

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