How can I tell if my Dior sunglasses are real

How can I tell if my Dior sunglasses are real?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Are Dior sunglasses good?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How can I tell if my Dior sunglasses are real?”.

Dior sunglasses authenticity identification

1. The weight of Dior sunglasses. If you compare the weight of real Dior sunglasses with fake ones, the difference is very big.

2. The packing box. The packaging boxes of the imitations are very rough. The genuine original boxes are detailed and are packaged one-to-one. Those without the original mirror box are all imitations.

3. The raw materials of manufacture. Dior sunglasses are usually made of optyl patented raw material epoxy resin, and the words optyl are engraved on the temples of Dior sunglasses.(

4. The certificate. When purchasing Dior sunglasses, be sure to check the certificate. Every Dior sunglasses will have a certificate. If there is no certificate, it means that it is a counterfeit.

5. The product code. Each genuine Dior sunglasses will have its own product model and independent expression of the color. It is specially set by the manufacturer. The fake and inferior product doesn’t have this product code.

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View the packaging of Dior sunglasses

For the outer packaging box of Dior sunglasses, check whether the position of the Dior logo is centered and whether the font is correct. Exquisite and perfect printing quality is a must.

The portable glasses case of Dior sunglasses is mostly rectangular. Please check whether the surface grid pattern is strictly symmetrical and whether the format of the logo is correct.

Genuine Dior sunglasses also come with glasses cloth, dust bag, and quality card. However, these are relatively easy to imitate at a lower cost so you can pay attention to whether the above brand logo format is correct. Also, the dust bag with poor material is fake.

View the details of Dior sunglasses

Genuine Dior sunglasses have a striking Dior logo on the outside of the temple near the frame. Here pay attention to whether the letter format is correct. On the inside of the right temple of Dior sunglasses, in addition to the brand logo Christian Dior, some new models will have a product serial number, followed by the MADE IN ITALY and CE logos.

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