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How are the frames produced?

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How are the frames produced?

Design drawings

Draw three views of the frame and its accessories. The three views are to be allocated to the production line for use. The assembly production of accessories drawing requires more accurate requirements, which will directly affect the accuracy of the frame. Drawing is the foundation and is very important. It took months to complete the drawings, which included a lot of communication with the designer. Of course, the first is the design and they need to have a clear positioning.

For example, what is the age and profession of the main user of these glasses? This determines that if the material is imported or not. Whether the color is the natural color of the material or post-spraying.Whether the high standards or low standards are compared in the spraying process. These aspects determine the life of the frame.


A three-dimensional prototype is produced by carving the raw material directly from the design draft. This step of creating a prototype by hand is pretty important because it provides the final opportunity to make a change to the product before the industrial process begins.

Cutting and Laminating

Cutting is to cut a piece of prefabricated sheet material (3-5mm thick) according to the size of the frame or temple (the buyer has enough processing margin). Laminating is to laminate the sheet materials of different colors and textures.

To make accessories according to the data on the drawing, it is commonly necessary to make the mold of the temple and the bridge.The temples are made separately from the lenses.

Temples and lenses are produced separately and assembled.This series of the procedure involves processing temple tips material, processing temple tips by the machine, and manual trimming of the temple tips. The CNC machining center shapes the frame or temples according to the program.

Nailing hinges, Hand trimming

Hand trimming of nail hinges and fine carving of piece slots.

Surface treatment

After immersion in organic solvents, cylinder polishing, manual polishing, etc, the frame is polished after welding. The spectral color of polishing is usually the mute color in accordance with the order. The difficulty of the two kinds of polishing effects is different.


It includes aspects like locking screw, cutting lens, loading, adjustment, quality inspection. To pass the professional inspection, the unqualified products will be involved in repaired processing. To sum up, a pair of the quality frame is to use good materials, good design, good technology, and good accessories, so strict control of quality, and a high norm of product quality are in a need.




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