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How do I get rid of glasses marks on my nose?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Should blondes wear black or brown sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Do sunglasses leave a mark on each side of your nose?”.

Why do I get red marks on my nose from my glasses?

As a result of the daily need to prevent ultraviolet rays, people go out to wear sunglasses. The nose of sunglasses holds the mark that two black leaves in the junction of the eye socket and bridge of the nose. After not wearing sunglasses, it has a bad impact on the beauty-appreciation. This is pigmentation caused by a prolonged pressure bridge of the nose.

Change a pair of 'Traceless Soft Nose Support'.

Check to see if the nose tray fits the bridge of your nose. If it doesn't, you can easily get marks. It could also be that the nose tray is too hard, or that the sunglasses frame is too heavy for the bridge of your nose to handle. The choice of thin long or broad-leaved nose support, moderate hardness, can effectively disperse the force of the nose, support stability. It can be worn comfortably, to avoid the soft nose support on the bridge of the nose because of sweating or long-time wear indent left.

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Insist on a regular massage every day.

Every day, taking time to gently massage the place where the nose support has the mark for ten minutes. When nothing is usual, try not to wear sunglasses all the time, invisible sunglasses and frame sunglasses can also be worn so that after a long time, the nose mark will gradually disappear. Massage appropriately can not only give support to the skin of sunglasses place fatigue to make it easy, but also can let the eyes get relax.

Choose a pair of lightweight, rimless sunglasses

Since rimless sunglasses are mainly supported by two legs, they don't put too much pressure on the bridge of the nose. Check to see if your sunglasses are heavy. If they feel a bit heavy, suggest changing to choose lighter lenses and light, rimless sunglasses. Every few moments, gently push the sunglasses up the bridge of your nose with your hands.

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