Do semi-rimless glasses look good

Do semi-rimless glasses look good?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Are metal eyeglass frames in style?“. In this article, let’s talk about “Do semi-rimless glasses look good?”.

Features of Semi-rimless Glasses

The lens of the semi-rimless glasses is made flat by special grinding with a narrow groove in the lower margin, in which the nylon thread is inserted to form a bottomless frame.? The semi-rimless glasses combine the minimalist look with the durability of the full frame.? Classic and light, semi-rimless glasses are a timeless fashion.? If you want more design elements than a rimless frame.? Most of the semi-rimless glasses are simple in shape, stable and generous.? Semi-rimless glasses with pure titanium or titanium gold are light and are comfortable to wear.? Semi-rimless frames are more common in the shape of rectangular, oval. The semi-rimless glasses are between the full-frame and rimless glasses, lighter and stable in one, highlighting the sense of fashion.

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What are the pros and cons of semi-rimless glasses?

The lower part of the semi-rimless glasses has no frame. When we look at things, our vision will be wider when we look down. In addition, the material used is less in amount, which can reduce the weight of the glasses and make the glasses more convenient to carry.? They are easier to clean and maintain.? Semi-rimless glasses are usually only half the frame, and we tend to wipe the glasses in one direction when we wipe them.? Because the lower half is not protected by a bezel, the lens is easily damaged by tapping.? Part of the half-frame can not cover the lens. If the degrees are high for myopia, the lens will be thicker processed. The thickness of the half-frame lens will be seen directly, which will affect the appearance.

Do semi-rimless glasses look good?

Full-frame glasses and semi-rimless glasses both have benefits and disadvantages. It depends on your eyesight and your preferences.? No matter what kind of glasses, they need to be selected in all aspects of the comprehensive factors to choose a proper frame, especially to remind most consumers. If the degree is too high, try to avoid choosing rimless glasses.? It should suit your skin tone, with lighter frames for lighter skin tones and heavier frames for darker skin tones.? Rimless frames are popular with most people because they can match any skin tone and face shape.?Apart from selecting the frame, you must think about the circumstances of when and where the glasses will be used.

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