Do rimless glasses make you look old

Do rimless glasses make you look old?

In the previous article, we discussed “How is the quality of prescription eyeglasses bought online?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Do rimless glasses make you look old?”.

What are rimless glasses?

As a kind of glasses, rimless glasses are not supported on the outside of the lens by the frame, but directly supported by the legs on both sides of the lens without the frame, so they are called rimless glasses. Because there is no bezel bound, the glasses will be slightly comfortable, lightweight. The rimless glasses can perfectly present the lens without the frame, which is very ornamental. We will see a lot of people wearing rimless glasses in our daily life. Wearing rimless glasses is stylish and beautiful, very popular with young businessmen and women.(

What are the disadvantages of rimless glasses?

The disadvantage of rimless glasses is that the service life will be short, mainly manifested in that the screw will be loose in the hole. Even if the appearance of the two glasses looks the same, wearing the poor-quality glasses for a period ofWhat Are the Disadvantages of Rimless Glasses? time will occur the situations of loose screw and lens shift. And because there is no frame around the lens, sharp objects can scratch the lens. In addition, rimless glasses are easy to deform under the action of external forces. Rimless trimming needs very high technology and material, which can be said to be the style with the highest precision requirement in glasses processing. The charm of rimless glasses needs the wearer to have a more comprehensive understanding of the protection of rimless glasses.

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Are rimless glasses good for you?

People with high myopia degrees are not suitable for wearing rimless glasses because people with high eye degrees have thick lenses, which makes rimless glasses bloated. Because there is no solid frame, after wearing for a period of time, the screw in the hole is easy to become loose. It is necessary to go to the optical shop often for repair. Short-sighted people who are fond of sports should not wear rimless glasses as far as possible, so as not to break the lenses and cause damage to the eyes. It is suitable for people whose myopia degrees are within 600 degrees to wear. It is in this range within the myopia degree can be assured to choose.

Do rimless glasses make you look old?

Rimless glasses have no restriction on face shape, that is, rimless glasses are suitable for most face shapes.No matter what kind of face shape,  whether for the 18-year-old young people, or more than-30-year old mature white-collar workers or business people can wear the rimless glasses. They will not look very old-fashioned, on the contrary, very beautiful and fashionable. Rimless glasses are more mature than other glasses. However, rimless glasses belong to the type of all-match glasses in matching with clothing, which can easily create a variety of dressing styles.

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