Do girls find boys with glasses attractive

Do glasses make guys look more attractive?

In the previous article, we discussed “What is the best online eyeglass store in America?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Do glasses make guys look more attractive?”.

Guys with small eyes look better with glasses.

Some guys will immediately become stylish and improve their appearance level when they wear a pair of glasses. The purpose of wearing glasses is decoration and vision correction. For example, some people with myopia have no high degrees, but they wear glasses. The boy who does not need to wear glasses in daily life will also wear glasses. Glasses can keep out some of the lack of the face, and play the effect of indirectly promoting the level of appearance. That's why he thinks he looks better with glasses. Guys with small eyes don't look as good as those with big eyes. But a pair of glasses can solve this problem, it can magnify the effect of their eyes, and hide their small eyes. For the guys with small eyes, after wearing glasses, because the size of the glasses will be concealed, which is the reason why many guys with big eyes are more suitable for not wearing glasses. They can wear the kind of big round glasses (will not cover the eyes). The glass will somewhat reduce the advantage of big eyes. But for the men with small eyes, wearing glasses will appear very gentle, better than without glasses.(

Guys with wider eye spacing look better with glasses.

In fact, a boy's eye distance affects the level of appearance, because the eye distance is wide, the face will become larger visually. And the purpose of wearing glasses is to weaken this visual sense, playing the role of adjusting the eye distance. The eye distance is appropriate, and the facial features will become coordinated. Because glasses can narrow the eye distance visually. The level of appearance will naturally be higher.

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Glasses make the facial features more three-dimensional.

If the nose is relatively flat, and the facial features look not three-dimensional, then wearing glasses can increase the sense of ups and downs of the face, so that the face appears more three-dimensional. But as an accessory, glasses can change your face just as powerfully as hair, and add more than a little to the level of your appearance.

Why do I like guys who wear glasses?

Do glasses make guys look more attractive? Wearing glasses can reduce the width between eyebrow and eye for a better look. Eye-to-eye distance is the distance between the eyebrow and the eyeglasses. If the distance between the eyes and the eyebrows is short, the eyeglasses will easily cover the eyebrows, and someone will look dull and uninspired. But for the person with big eyebrows and eye spacing, wearing glasses can fill the gap between eyebrow and eye, making facial features look more delicate.

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