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Different Types Of Lenses For Sunglasses

In the previous article, we discussed “Has anyone purchased eyeglasses online?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Different Types Of Lenses For Sunglasses”.

Different sunglasses lenses

1. Anti-reflective protective lenses

The lenses prevent bright light from reflecting off, allowing you to see things in bright light without interference and with greater clarity. The lens works simply by coating the surface with magnesium fluoride. Also known as' tinted lenses', these sunglasses can absorb light at certain wavelengths by adding chemicals to the lens to give it color.

2. The color lenses

These lenses have the same effect as colored lenses, but they are usually used in sunglasses with a certain degree, the most familiar of which is the 'graduated tinted lens,' in which the color drops from dark to light from top to bottom.

3. The polarized lenses

The lenses are designed to filter out the glare of the sun's rays in equal directions by applying a special coating to the lenses in the vertical direction.

4. The color-changing lenses

Another term is 'photosensitive lens'. The original transparent and colorless lenses will become colored lenses to protect the eyes when exposed to strong light. This is because the silver halide chemicals are added to this kind of lenses. It is very suitable for use indoors and outdoors at the same time.

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What lenses are needed?

You need to look for mirror lenses. You can find these sunglasses ready-made, or for mirror lenses from your optician. When people look at this site, they see the lens of their reflection, but they can't see through your eyes. But your eyes from the back of the lens are still gray, like sunglasses, because the mirror image blocks a lot of light through it. This means that you really can't use these at night or in low light conditions. At the same time, the mirror film is more fashionable and beautiful, but it needs to be very careful to save and use. If you are not careful, a scratch will be left on the lens, which is very clear, because it is a mirror film. If you often wear, then choose the super hard, inner membrane lens.

Advantages of Mirror Lens

1. Wear resistance

It is coated lens with static electricity, easy to absorb dust, and easy to rub the lens. Wear resistance is not strong, but non-coated lens wear resistance is strong.

2. Radiation protection

Coated lenses have better radiation protection than non-coated lenses.

3. Technology

The coated lens uses optical film and vacuums new technology. The surface of the lens is coated with a layer of material, to improve the ability of the lens to reflect light, playing a role in enhancing or reducing light transmission.

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