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Can teenagers wear sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Why do celebrities wear sunglasses all the time?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Can teenagers wear sunglasses?”.

Wearing sunglasses too early is easy to get amblyopia

Amblyopia in adolescents is an eye disease that seriously endangers the visual function of adolescents. Parents must have never thought that wearing sunglasses may be one of the important causes of amblyopia in adolescents. Sunglasses were originally used to avoid damage caused by direct rays of strong light. If you often wear sunglasses indoors or in places where the light is not strong, the darker light will dilate the pupils so that more ultraviolet rays enter the eyes and cause damage. Moreover, wearing sunglasses for a long time, the macular area of the fundus cannot be effectively stimulated, which will affect the further development of vision and even lead to amblyopia.

When can teenagers wear sunglasses?

Unless in the scorching sun or strong light environment, parents should not easily ask teenagers to wear sunglasses. When buying sunglasses for teenagers, pay attention to the frame not to be too large or too heavy. And don’t wear them for a long time, otherwise, they are prone to 'sunglasses syndrome'. 'Sunglasses syndrome' includes numbness under the eyes and cheeks, nasal discomfort when breathing, and abnormal sensations when brushing teeth or gargle. Although sunglasses can help block ultraviolet rays and strong light, and protect the eyes, they are only necessary for teenagers to wear during outdoor activities with strong sunlight.(

How to choose sunglasses for teenagers

Parents should choose high-quality sunglasses when buying sunglasses for teenagers. They should also choose polarized lenses. The color of the lenses is best to be gray or smoky. Do not choose some 'fashionable' color lenses, such as yellow or red lenses. According to experts, the eyes of adolescents are in the developmental stage. Do not choose colored lenses until their vision is stable. Amblyopia in adolescents not only affects study and life. Seriously, it also affects the future of the adolescents. Therefore, young people with amblyopia should be treated as soon as possible.

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Learn how to wear sunglasses correctly

Outdoors in particularly strong sunlight, many people like to wear personalized sunglasses, which can prevent ultraviolet rays and make themselves more attractive. However, there is still a lot of controversy over the issue of teenagers wearing sunglasses. Some experts said that even if there are special sunglasses for teenagers, it is still not suitable for teenagers to wear sunglasses. Because the visual function development of adolescents has not reached the adult level, and they need more bright light and clear object stimulation. Teenagers' sunglasses have a filtering effect, which reduces the intensity of light and also reduces the clarity of the field of vision to a certain extent. For adolescents who are growing and developing, a high-definition retina is more necessary. If you wear sunglasses too much during this period, it will cause unclear retina imaging, and even affect vision development, leading to myopia, poor vision, etc. In particular, the quality assurance of teenagers’ sunglasses on the market is not complete. Counterfeit and inferior products are not only incapable of UV protection, but are also counterproductive.

So if you wear sunglasses for teenagers just to look good, there is no such need. And if it is because of special occasions or circumstances that you want to wear sunglasses for teenagers, you have to buy them from a regular professional optical shop.

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