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Can regular sunglasses block blue light from your phone?

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Can regular sunglasses block blue light from your phone?

In the previous article, we discussed “Who are the major competitors of Warby Parker?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Can regular sunglasses block blue light from your phone?”.

Nowadays, people take ultraviolet light, radiation, blue light, and other light sources that are harmful to the eyes very seriously. Therefore, many businesses have also taken the opportunity to launch a series of confrontation glasses, and they are selling very well. Can sunglasses prevent blue light from mobile phones?

Sunglasses cannot prevent blue light from mobile phones

Ordinary sunglasses cannot prevent blue light from mobile phones, so you need to purchase blue-coated lenses to prevent blue light. Sunglasses with UV protection may also react with the light emitted by the mobile phone screen, causing dryness and discomfort to the eyes. It is best not to look at the phone while wearing sunglasses, as it will affect your eyesight. And don't wear sunglasses indoors. The darker environment can cause eye damage and vision loss. In old age, you may also suffer from cataracts and glaucoma. You can buy special anti-blue glasses, which can play a role in preventing blue light from mobile phones. Sunglasses are generally better to wear during outdoor activities. It is best not to put the sunglasses in a high-temperature environment, so as not to cause deformation of the frame of the sunglasses.(

Can sunglasses prevent blue light?

The blue-coated glasses installed in the regular glasses shop are anti-blue, but the anti-blue light index is not high, basically below %, not reaching the said 30% or even higher, so it is better to buy professional Anti-blue glasses. Anti-blue light glasses are best worn when looking at computers and phones because there is blue light in the phone and computers. Frequent exposure to blue light radiation can cause macular degeneration. The choice of anti-blue light glasses is also more particular. It should not be messed up. It is best to choose brands of anti-blue light glasses.

The difference between sunglasses and blue light mirror

Sunglasses can block uncomfortable glare, and at the same time protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. All this is due to the metal powder filter, which can 'select' the light when it hits it. Colored glasses can selectively absorb part of the wavelength bands that make up the sun's rays because they use very fine metal powders (iron, copper, nickel, etc.). In fact, when light hits the lens, the light is reduced based on the so-called 'destructive interference' process. In other words, when certain wavelengths of light (herein referred to as UVA, UVB, and infrared rays) pass through the lens, they will cancel each other out on the inside of the lens.

Anti-blue light glasses are glasses that can prevent blue light from irritating the eyes. The special anti-blue glasses can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays and radiation and can filter blue light, which is suitable for use when watching a computer or TV. Blue light is an important part of visible light. Nature itself does not have a separate white light. Blue light, green light, and red light appear as white light after being mixed. The green light and red light have low energy and are less irritating to the eyes. Blue light has a short wave and high energy, which can directly penetrate the lens and reach the macular area of the eye, leading to macular degeneration. That is the reason why anti-blue glasses are recommended to wear when seeing computers and phones.

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