Are Polarized glasses or Non-Polarized glasses Better for Driving?

Are Polarized glasses or Non-Polarized glasses Better for Driving?

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Why do you need glasses for driving?

When we are driving, we should pay more attention to the sun.Most of the time, long-time ultraviolet radiation through the glass to the eyes will cause visual fatigue. Sometimes it can make the driver feel dizzy, lose accurate visual information, resulting in errors in judgment and causing traffic accidents. Although there are sun visors on both the front and front driver's seats, they block light while obstructing sightlines.

What should we pay attention to when wearing sunglasses while driving?

Many people believe that the darker the lens, the better the effect of blocking the sun. In reality, this is not conducive to driving safety. Studies have shown that the color of sunglasses lenses can delay the time it takes for the eyes to send images to the brain. This visual delay, in turn, distorts the perception of speed, causing drivers wearing sunglasses to make false judgments. So the driver should not choose too dark a lens color. Drivers who often wear sunglasses should not choose sunglasses with large frames and heavy masses. Take off the sunglasses before entering the tunnel. Blink more before leaving the tunnel. When the temperature difference between inside and outside the car is large, or the windows and sunglasses are foggy, you must stop by the side of the road to dry the sunglasses. If you have myopia, you can choose sunglasses with degrees. But the purchase of the sun lens with a degree is suggested to be lower than its own degree. It is best to buy the dual-use lens that takes the original clip pieces, beautiful and practical.

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Are Polarized glasses or Non-Polarized glasses Better for Driving?

Ordinary sunglasses work by changing the color of the lenses to absorb part of the light, reducing the amount of light entering the eye without changing its clarity. Polarized sunglasses are sunglasses that use polarized lenses. They are made according to the principle of the polarization of light. Polarized sunglasses are more suitable for people who often drive. Polarized sunglasses can reduce glare, effectively eliminate and filter the scattered light in the beam of light, so that the field of vision is clear and natural. In addition, polarized sunglasses still have the function of weakening strong light, resisting fatigue, not obstructing the line of sight, and preventing ultraviolet rays. The recommended color is gray or tawny lenses. Polarized sunglasses that can filter glare (especially harsh light) are a good choice for drivers.



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