Are cheap glasses bad for your eyes?

Are cheap glasses bad for your eyes?

In the previous article, we discussed “Which is the best eyewear retailer in Austin?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Are cheap glasses bad for your eyes?”.

For a pair of glasses, if the degrees, optical indicators are standard, in line with national standards, and if the quality is qualified and correct assembly, the glasses will not harm the eyes. Cheap lenses may not have protective features such as blue light and UV protection. In addition, the film is less hard and wears out faster. When it comes to glasses, some cheap ones can actually be bad for your eyes without you even knowing it.

Too cheap contact lenses can hurt eyes.

Contact lenses are in direct contact with the cornea. They are "invisible" because their lenses are thin and clear and are in direct contact with the cornea. Cheap and poor quality glasses are made in unlicensed underground factories with simple equipment and low cost, which makes the price especially low. The resin matrix of the lens is not pure, easy to cause visual deformation or dizziness, resulting in visual fatigue. Cheap contact lenses have serious safety concerns, causing eye infections and even blindness.(

Cheap reading glasses can cause eye strain.

The optical quality of cheap reading glasses is often not as good as that of custom glasses for computer use and reading. Moreover, cheap reading glasses often offer no protection against the high-energy blue light emitted from computer screens and other digital devices.

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Cheap frames can cause skin irritation.

Some cheap frames may look like more expensive frames. But more often than not, they are made of low-level materials that can cause skin irritation over time. Cheap plastic frames can be bleached by ultraviolet light, leaving the surface rough after months of wear and tear. Cheap metal frames often contain nickel alloy, which can cause skin irritation.

Be sure to wear qualified glasses.

Many people are eager to buy glasses online without the necessary checks at a proper optical center for glasses. But, in reality, these tests are not only to replace glasses but to take responsibility for the safety of their own eyes. These cheap and inferior glasses will do a lot of harm to most myopic friends. If you wear unqualified glasses, it will cause visual fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms, vision loss. Severe cases can lead to amblyopia, strabismus, or other functional impairments.

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